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Our first fundraiser is live!

We’re growing, and we have big plans! But that means we need to build from the bottom up, and every donation counts.

Donate now


What we’re doing

We’ve started building a new business model that will allow us to reach further, support more musicians (including monetary support for our presenters and participants) and create a sustainable organization that can promote new and neglected classical vocal music for many years to come. Here’s a video from our artistic director, Ariel Pisturino, that explains what this campaign is all about:


Lots of ways to support unSUNg

Like we said, donations are important. But this campaign runs through May 14, and whether or not a financial donation is possible for you right now, there are lots of ways to help us reach our goal!

  • Share this email or one of our social posts to help spread the word about the series and our very bright future.

  • Make a pledge for any amount, and we’ll remind you at a later date during the campaign. (Timing is everything!)

  • Like and subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube feeds, to show your support and let others know that we’re worthy of their attention, too.

  • Subscribe to our email updates, so you can see what we have coming and stay in the know! (You can opt out anytime, of course!)

We’re just getting started, and we can use all the help we can get!


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