What we're up to in 2021

Primary goal for upcoming Seed Money fundraiser (3/21 and until goal is reached):

  • Cover cost of next two concerts.

  • Become eligible for grant applications through fiscal sponsor.

  • Cover immediate start-up and operational costs, e.g. online tools and platforms.

  • Set the series up for growth and sustainability.

Support musicians

  • Provide a platform for new and sorely neglected classical vocal works.

  • Provide honoraria for participating groups, with a clear plan for increasing pay over time / as we grow.

Generate new work

  • Work toward developing a regular commissioning program.


Build community

  • Bring works to wide audiences through online concerts.

Connect musicians and followers

  • Monthly email newsletter and other blasts

  • Social media:  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

  • Alumni group within FB

  • Podcast (summer?)

Giving back

  • Support carefully selected grassroots nonprofits.

  • Focus on smaller organizations, where money can go further.

Advocating for diversity

  • Program a wide variety of works within our niche, e.g. 2020 holiday concert.

  • Open submissions, as unrestricted by non-musical factors as possible.  

  • Offer concerts that are accessible to the broader community

  • YouTube premieres for maximum accessibility

  • Low-cost tickets

  • Other outreach TBD

Current goals infographic 2021.jpg