A classical vocal concert series dedicated to the performance of new compositions and forgotten works.


Our next steps

We're taking some time to set up our status as an independent nonprofit, planning for the future, and building exciting programs for you and for the new music community.  Our current project is outlined here, and we'll keep our followers posted.  Please join our mailing list, let us know if you have something for a future concert, and keep in touch!

Infographic--Our path to becoming an ind

Wanna help?  We're looking to raise just $600 before December 1st, so we can cover our filing fees without dipping into the donations we've already received.  Your contribution will be processed through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, so it will be tax-deductible and will help us get to the next phase of unSUNg's development.  Thank you all for investing in the future of contemporary classical!